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List of products

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Hevea wood

Our core business, Hevea wood, is a plantation hardwood timber that shares the same high density and strength as White Oak. It is therefore an excellent, environmentally sound substitute for Oak. We currently have 1,000 designs with more than 10 collections.


Teak wood

We provide both indoor and outdoor sustainable Teak furniture. All are made for life. Very piece is kiln-dried and then sanded by hand so it's smooth to the touch.


Acacia wood

Acacia wood is great for furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and living room. It’s also good for shelving because it can withstand the demands of weighted objects. And very easy to care for!


Sofa bed

All of our sofa beds come with clever, space-saving features. It is as comfortable as sleeping on the bed. We provide both armchair & sofa.


Wooden ship model

Our ship model are made of Canadian Cedar, Mahogany, Rosewood, American walnut. The sails & ropes are made of linen. The ornaments are cold cast in bronze and brass.

Metallic Wooden Lamps

Lighting solutions

You can find floor lamps, table lamps & pendant lamps here!


We shape wood like no one else!

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