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Wooden ship models

1st-rank vessels belonging to the French Royal Navy

Was completed in Toulon in 1668

120 guns

The captain was a Squadron Admiral

The Royal Louis (1799)

The first large three-decker

We, Nice & Solid Decoration, have been importing these Burmese Rosewood models since 2016 and time grown our products offering to include ready-made warship, cargo. sailboat, yacht model ship . 

These models were developed in close collaboration with ship expert, which allowed them to work out 95% of detail. At the same time it may collect as already experienced modelers, and those who have not ever collect on such a scale model. The sizes range from 60-250 cm. (width)

The models are made using delicate special crafting skills, which made them possible not only to recreate legendary ships in every detail, but also to fit them to each other with the utmost precision.

The cardboard in which supplied model has a convenient carrying handle.

Bottom line: we offer luxurious models, with a large variety of details made with the best materials.

Premium-graded Ship Models


We shape wood like no one else!

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