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Rubber Wood Furniture

Our wooden furniture ranges showcase stylish, practical and comfortable designs in 100% solid Rubber wood  (Hevea wood), perfect for making your house look and feel great. Therefore, these key pieces need to be on-trend yet timeless, well-built and restful - which is exactly what our furniture is all about.


We currently have 1,000 designs with more than 10 collections.


Wooden ship model

We offer a wide range of  wooden ship models eg. Yacht, Speedboat, Tall ship, Sailboat & Cruise. Our ship model are made of Canadian Cedar, Mahogany, Rosewood, American walnut. The sails & ropes are made of linen. The ornaments are cold cast in bronze and brass.


Exotic Teak Furniture

We provide both indoor and outdoor sustainable Teak furniture. All are made for life. Very piece is kiln-dried and then sanded by hand so it's smooth to the touch.

Specially, we top each piece with cinnamon, exotic stone & coconut epoxy resin


Our Customer Reviews


We shape wood like no one else!

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